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For over 50 years Tailor Arif, an expert tailor, has provided bespoke tailoring to discerning ladies and gentlemen throughout Cyprus and now in England.

Tailor Arif maintained the exacting standards, the cut, the style, the fit and the quality with exclusive clothing.

Tailor Arif's philosophy is understand and fulfil the commission of each individual client,maintain the highest standards of traditional bespoke tailoring and create clothing of unsurpassed elegance, comfort and quality.

Bespoke offers the physical comfort and self-confidence of  something meticulously hand crafted especially, and exclusivle, for you.Tailored to your exact measurements, and taking into account your own particular physical characteristics no other methods produces a better garment for fit, styling and quality.

Once you have experienced the luxury of bespoke we believe you will never settle for anything less than the same level of perfection again.


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